Wishing You a Blessed Christmas and a Prosperous New Year
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Becoming A President

I saw the list of requirement for becoming president in the USA and I never expected that becoming a president would not require more stringent qualifications. The good about this is that anyone can seek legitimately to become president; ...

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My Name Is Michael Western

I have been writing but not posting my recent poems, the pressure of Christmas seems to have gotten to me. Today however I must make an exception since it is a very important date for a very important person. I sent it off to her and she loved it. ... << MORE >>

Did You See Him

What a glorious era this is when technology allows you to see what is going live for miles and miles away. When my friend called me and I saw her new born baby, it was as if I was there with her and her husband, in the same room, ... << MORE >>

Paula Hinds

I was privileged to hear her sing recently and although it was not at the kind of event that I would have been looking for talent, I totally enjoyed her singing. I came away believing that she sings better than one of the classical greats that my family often ... << MORE >>

And Mikko Makes Three

So happy, so proud and so tired. The couple welcomes their first child, a baby boy who was here after 40 minutes of delivery time. She had a beautiful and blessed pregnancy which resulted from a wonderful union. The labor was similarly blessed and now this child that arrived ... << MORE >>

The Rihanna Haters

I haven’t written to this blog in a while, but I think the writer of the blog either. It seems like facebook is the new play toy for most to vent your views and amass support. Blogs still offer some freedoms that to accomplish on facebook thy will not ... << MORE >>

Laura Gauss

I tried my Bajan because I know how much you must miss hearing and reading the Bajan vernacular. Remember how much fun you got from all the local artistes here and some of the region’s best too. Well I am far from good but  I think I am a ... << MORE >>

A Bud On Her Rose Vines

Oh what excitement, what good news. God has once more smiled upon us and has given our sister a glorious baby with his kind mercy. Today she delivered a miracle of love, kept all okay and now is prepared to continue with her new family. I pray God’s continued ... << MORE >>

Reflection - Death

I want to reflect on death for a moment. The fact is that although the body passes on there are certain things of individuals that will stay with us. These may be simple things like the way they open a can, or sat in a specific chair. Sometimes they ... ÌAကĀŸ&Ÿ&<< MORE >>

His Dash For Me

You may know of the DASH that separates our date of birth and our death on our tombstone and how, although it bears significance, is treated as if it is worth no more than the minus sign it resembles. A facebook friend asked that we look at the DASH again and I did

This is what  the DASH was to me


His Dash For Me


He was born on Christmas day

In the most loving time they say

So it was his destiny


David, our Prime Minister was meant to be

As he was, living all his years

Sharing with others and quelling fears

He lived his DASH trying to impart


Family First with his generous heart

Opened doors for the downtrodden men

Risked all to stop Violence and Crime from spreading


My Prime Minister and yours lived his DASH fully

Equal rights to all and dreamt of a Barbados with Love and Unity






The Tributes Given at His Alma Mater

The Combermerians had a night of tributes to their fallen comrade and the evening to all was incredible. They had a late start largely due to an accident on the stadium road that prevent passage and created gridlocks
 When they finally got started there was tributes ...
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Farewell To The Prime Minister

Farewell to a true friend and great person who brought happiness to many of his friends, family and the people of Barbados. This prime Minister served as Prime Minister only 2 years but he brought more change in the short space of time than others in full terms. The ... << MORE >>

Don’t Panic Bim

The island said farewell today to one of its greatest treasures, the Hon. David J H Thompson, the Prime Minister of Barbados. We did so with a celebration of his life as it was eulogized by two of his very close friends Brian Clarke and Hartley Henry. One of ... << MORE >>

Hope For The Best Prepare For The Worst

The Best is that I not only have good memories of my friend but that I can continue to live the dream that he had for us all, to put family first. The worst that can happen is that his legacy fades with time. In life my friend was ... << MORE >>

Don’t Want Another Man

I read a post from one of the facebook friends and she was great. She expressed the worst beating ever. I was very impressed with it and moved to write the following acrostic.


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The Roads To Follow

In life there will many roads some divided into lanes. Although you can travel in the same direction you may end up at different destinations. We must learn when to cross lanes when to change the method of what we are doing to remain in the ...
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Bajans Didn’t Like To Mas

We all have our own experiences of this storm Tomas which tore through the island of Barbados early Saturday morning Oct 30 at approximately 2:00 am, exactly 7 days after the lost of our Prime Minister. There may be no significance to this but these two marks on history’s ... << MORE >>

The Delight of MS

Disease can overcome our bodies but doesn’t have to touch our spirit. After my illness I wrote many poems and reconnected with many friends. The things I wanted to express for a lifetime I’m only now getting the time. For many reasons I am grateful for these last, almost ...
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I Was Up From Early Today

I went to bed unusually early for this week and was up early, very early. The cold night was calling me and I turned and never got back to sleep. I just stayed there and observe as the emotions grew unbearable when I got up

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They Couldn’t Contain The Tears

I just got back from the viewing the body of my Prime Minister and long time friend and I am not sure that this I had closure. I saw too many people there that were concerned about me, it distracted me from what I went to do and their ... << MORE >>

Time To Say Goodbye

Today I will brave my emotions and the horror of clothing to spend just one last chance with my friend’s body. I know that it is only a shell and that his soul has long left but like a picture ...

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The One The Leader Our Friend

Thanks to Kim from facebook I was moved to write again about our Prime Minister, The One, The leader, Our friend. I will be first to apologize if my writing becomes repetitious but I am feeling the same remorse and the tears do not change nor does he. My ... << MORE >>

Say Mongooses Please

The call in program had an unusual twist. It seems the professor that host the program read an email and scuffed the word “mongooses” determining it to be wrong. Today the hosts took him to task and some callers too. I earned from early school days that this was ... << MORE >>

The Healing Has Begun

Thanks to a facebook friend we got to learn  what the service was like as the celebrated the life of our Prime Minister. The turn out was great but hat is most remarkable is that the well wishers are not ...

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Tribute To The Honorable David Thompson

My opinions may appear bias but they are shared by thousands, the Hon. David J H Thompson was a great Prime Minister, Leader, Confidant and friend. His astute knowledge and fervent wit made him loved by most. Our ...

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Tribute To Our Friend Thompy

The Old Scholars of Combermere School celebrate a week of activities usually around this time. This year the death of our Prime Minister the Hon. David J H Thompson has thrown us into a more sorrowful mood and ...

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He’s Gone Too Soon

I’ll say good-bye to my dear friend with the expectation that one day again we will meet in a place where there is no further pain or sorrow. We all have a role to play while we are ...

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I Was Asleep When My Dear Friend Passed

There was very sorrowful music when I turned the radio on this morning. I was encouraged by the strange comments from a friend that led me to believe the worse. I soon heard the voice of the former ...

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Today’s Surprise

Sometimes when all seems lost and there are no chances of sunshine to come, when the rain is getting ready to pour and you shiver with the cold, sometimes things are not what they seem.

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Blow Your Nose Love

The weather has been frightful and so unpredictable that you never know if you should carry an umbrella. To play it safe I always travelled with a very small pocket umbrella that when unfolded was the size of ...

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And Who Will You Kill Today

The campaign goes on and I continue to be inspired by the promotion. I wrote earlier but then this afternoon I heard another theme that was equally as emotive. The local group is recommending that we start putting ...

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Feliz Cumpleaños Mi Ami!

The year have crept up but not piled on. My friend is first to admit to her maturity and to sing the pride of family with her two sons and husband. But when it all boils down to ...

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If Only I Wasn’t

The Campaign “If Only” caught my ear and apparently stimulated me to write too. I used to drive fast, too fast and always believed I was in control. So many others think the same too. In truth, the ...

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All My Earthly Things

I think sometimes I write so that people can ask themselves questions about the soundness of what I had written and value their own opinions. I hear diverse ideas and reasoning and although I am baffled that they ...

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How Do I Say Goodbye

Saying good bye to love is almost like dying, once you get over the fears of what you leave behind and start to focus on where you are going it gets easier. The more you focus on what ...

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For Wile E Coyote

On of the friends on face book cast me back into my cartoon days with a thought of whether Wile E Coyote ever taste Road Runner. I think he is yet to but it might soon happen after ...

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The Guest


I would rather they never come by but we need to see them. They bring some stuff that is necessary, I can’t say exactly what or why. You’ll just have to take my word on this. ...

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The Guest Pt2

Some things in life are so hard to bear that we often wish they were gone. Some people can be so rambunctious we wish they never come again but when we hear that they were killed or not ...

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The Untidy Bedroom

When I heard about the untidy bedroom I was shocked, they had always been so tidy, how did the room get away from them. But this is easily understood when you think of all the other things that ...

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Love Medicine Miracles

There is no greater healer than our Lord and God and when the medical fraternity understands this their potential to heal is even greater. I was reassured when my doctor once suggested that I pray at a time ...

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Happy Birthday So Cool

The month of October is an important month to all Combermerians but it is even more important because we celebrate your special day.


I ...

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I knew and loved the 20th century version of Nash, full of fun and so carefree; ready to take on the world. He was creative and inventive and almost anything he put a mind he could do better ...

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Dear Loving People of St John

Never a “t” uncrossed nor an “i” not dotted. Our Prime Minister has always kept a watchful eye on things that will affect those in his care. When he said close friend and confidant I am very clear ...

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The Monster Within

I once saw in television program an explanation that within all of us is good and evil, in a constant battle. The one we nourished the most becomes stronger and suppresses the presence of the other. This means ...

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Frustrate - to make somebody feel disappointed, exasperated, or weary because of thwarted goals or unsatisfied desires

to prevent somebody or something from succeeding or something from coming to fruition


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Can Men Understand No

I have been exposed to the persistence of men and the deliberate deafness to the word no. They pretend that they either don‘t hear the word or that they don’t understand it. And they are so silly, what ...

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Great Samaritan

I heard a story of a modern day Samaritan and I wondered what I would have done. Too many people would have driven off hoping that someone else would do the right thing. But how long does someone ...

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He Ran The Traffic Light


I wrote before of the reason you hurry is the reason you shouldn’t. If you think about it, when you are rushing in the car to that appointment, if you crash the appointment may never see ...

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Biting The Nails

It is a bad habit and one I have fought with for years. Now it seems like I harvest the finger nails only to bite them back down later. You see, I bite the nails during trouble times ...

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Please Don’t Go

Sometimes we say things we would rather we didn’t say but it is too late. I notice that given technology we can better check our words before shooting them off to be read. This has taught me the importance of measuring your words. I always spoke freely, trusting that ... << MORE >>